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Welcome New Members

I carry a stack of membership applications almost everywhere I go and offer them to anyone who shares an interest in ham radio.  Meeting information is on the Events page.

Fulton County Activation

Status:  Upcoming

Saturday October 14, 2017 CARC will operate K3IEC Portable from Fulton County.  This operation celebrates the heritage of Fulton County and coincides with the PA QSO PARTY.

Our operation will begin at 1600 UTC and end at 2100 UTC.  For the Local Time Enthusiasts, that will be Noon to 5 p.m. Eastern.

We have lofty goals of operating Multi-Multi Portable with as many as four signals on the air -- Phone, CW, and perhaps RTTY on whatever bands we find open that day.  80/75, 40, 20, 15, 10, and 6 meters are all likely candidates.  

Suggested frequencies:

Phone 3860, 7260, 14260, 21360, 28360, and 50220.

CW    3545, 7045, 14045, 21045, 28045

RTTY  The usual RTTY places


I will post QSL mailing address information in this spot as our plans develop.
Usual QSL process -- USA Contacts -- your card, and your SASE. 
VE and DX Contacts -- your card is one option. Or send a request for a QSL via email with our QSO info and your return address included (Address email to AF3I will cover return postage to VE/DX locations outside the USA if our QSO and card is helpful to your award objectives.


Our Club is fortunate to have volunteers step forward and provide their services.  For that I am thankful and wish to recognize the Volunteers.  

Frank Mellott KB3PQT -- Location Scout, Advocate, Organizer, Set Up, Take Down, Chef, and Phone Operator 

Dave Hile W3VRE -- QSL Manager, Set Up, Take Down, and Digital Operator

Steve Hancock N3FWE -- APRS Specialist, Setup, Take Down, and Phone Operator 

Doug Stenger KC3CPT -- Record Breaking VHF Operator, Cargo Logistics Specialist, Set Up, Take Down, 

Andy Forsyth AF3I -- Quartermaster, Set Up, Take Down, and CW Operator.


I think there are some potential operators waiting to see how our plans evolve.     

Additional Volunteers are welcome and encouraged.  If you are a Technician and would like to operate VHF (6 & 2) I will make sure we have a rig and antennae for you.  There is a possibility of the 10 meter band being open where Techs have Phone privileges.  Or, you can enjoy having an important role in this event under the watchful eye of a Control Operator.  

Field Day Food Sources

I get a lot of requests related to the Food Sources we used for FD 2017.  I really believe the requests are in response to the great quality and freshness of the food, and indicate a desire to return to those shops for another delicious meal.

Lunchtime Submarine Sandwiches and Pizza were purchased from Nonno's OIP (Original Italian Pizza) located next to the Dairy Queen on Route 15 southbound in Dillsburg, PA.  They also provided the home-style, freshly made potato chips and two big bottles of Soda Pop.  Telephone 717.432.3030.   These are good people.  

Suppertime Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan, Chef Salad, and Bread were purchased from Anile's Restaurant in Boiling Springs, PA.  They make a nice meal.  If you are hiking the Appalachian Trail you will pass within a few yards of this shop.

Both shops do a great job with Eat-In and Take-Out service.  Julia Child would have said Bon Appetit.   Lydia Bastianiach would say Buon Appetito.  Ted Allen never would say "You've Been Chopped" to either of these fine operations.

WinLink 2000

Steve Hancock N3FWE introduced Andy Forsyth AF3I to WinLink. We are preparing to use this RF-based e-Mail Client as our gateway to 100 or greater Bonus Points.  A few practice messages have been flying around 40 meters.  Update -- we actually accomplished our objective of earning 200 Field Day Bonus Points.  A very big THANK YOU to Steve for advocating this technology and helping the Club achieve Victory..

What were they thinking?

The Crayola Company of Easton, PA has announced the elimination of one of our favorite colors.  Dandelion Yellow has met its demise.  As some of you may know, CARC Members participate in Radio Contest events. The Teams are named for the official crayon colors I found in the big Crayola 64 box.  Jay Vogel and his Team Members are the Dandelion Team.  What will become of them?  I think I saw a bigger box of crayons on the shelf.  Perhaps we can find some new inspiration.  

Community Outreach 1

Dillsburg Library -- York County

Royal Kramer and I presented Ham Radio to ten enthusiastic members of the Kids Summer Reading Program.  I was at the Library with my ICOM IC-7000 transceiver.  Royal was at his home.  We had 10 school-aged participants and a member of the nearby community who stopped in when he heard the familar sound of Morse Code coming from the Conference Room.  Each participant talked with Royal for a few minutes describing his or her Age, Grade, School, Favorite Subjects, Favorite Sports, and Career Ambitions.  

We met Daniel, Lillian, Avery, Ayla, Mahi, Jailyn, Elayna, Sarah, Natalie, Katelyn, and Don as well as Miss Gina Staton, the Youth Services Program Leader.

In response to Lillian's question to Royal about a memorable use of his ham radio, Royal described his very important Public Service role during the 1955 floods on the Delaware River near Stroudsburg, PA..  He introduced us to the book Devastation on the Delaware written by Mary A. Shafer.  One of the Chapters in this book includes a description of the assistance provided by Royal Kramer and his ham radio friends from the Allentown area.  You can visit author Mary Shafer's web sites at and

Community Outreach 2

Littlestown Libray -- Adams County

The Littlestown Public Library (Adams County) offered CARC a great opportunity to meet with their STEAM 'n' Summer group Wednesday July 12, 2017.   We talked about radio, electronics and built Short Wave Radio Receiver kits that cover the 6-8 Mhz shortwave band.  Harry Fasick, Valli Hoski, and Ed LeTersky are important contributors to our Club success and I thank them for volunteering.  It was a big crowd of young people -- I counted 21, plus some of their parents and family members.   I brought along my ICOM 7000 transceiver in case we needed a little extra listening technology.

Field Day June 24 & 25, 2017

Field Day 2017 took place at a different location than in prior years. Construction work taking place at the Shaffer Park Cabin put our traditional location in jeopardy.  This year we exercised our emergency preparedness procedures at the Monroe Township Fire Company in Churchtown.  I invited CARC members to join with me in planning our biggest event of the ham radio year.   The Social Media and Safety Officer Bonus Points remained in force.  Thank you to Dave Hile W3VRE for volunteering to be our Safety Officer.  We stayed safe all weekend AND earned 100 Bonus Points.   Our Education Activity was conducted.  Thank you Steve Hancock N3FWE. The weather was sunny, warm, and nice.  We met indoors anyway because the air conditioning and seating made that the preferred location. Another 100 Bonus Points are in the bank.  .

Field Day 2018

I heard that ARRL is making Field Day an annual event.  Let's start planning.  Club Secretary Ed LeTersky KB3RKM has a matrix of Volunteer Positions.  The matrix has empty space sufficient to hold 30 or more names.  Act now while the best and most prestigious positions are available.  If you wait to the last minute you might find yourself stuck with one of the less desirable positions.


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