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Welcome New Members

I carry a stack of membership applications almost everywhere I go and offer them to anyone who shares an interest in ham radio.  Meeting information is on the Events page.

WinLink 2000

Steve Hancock N3FWE introduced Andy Forsyth AF3I to WinLink. We are preparing to use this RF-based e-Mail Client as our gateway to 100 or greater Bonus Points.  A few practice messages have been flying around 40 meters.

What were they thinking?

The Crayola Company of Easton, PA has announced the elimination of one of our favorite colors.  Dandelion Yellow has met its demise.  As some of you may know, CARC Members participate in Radio Contest events. The Teams are named for the official crayon colors I found in the big Crayola 64 box.  Jay Vogel and his Team Members are the Dandelion Team.  What will become of them?  I think I saw a bigger box of crayons on the shelf.  Perhaps we can find some new inspiration.  

Community Outreach 1

Dillsburg Library -- York County

Royal Kramer and I presented Ham Radio to ten enthusiastic members of the Kids Summer Reading Program.  I was at the Library with my ICOM IC-7000 transceiver.  Royal was at his home.  We had 10 school-aged participants and a member of the nearby community who stopped in when he heard the familar sound of Morse Code coming from the Conference Room.  Each participant talked with Royal for a few minutes describing his or her Age, Grade, School, Favorite Subjects, Favorite Sports, and Career Ambitions.  

We met Daniel, Lillian, Avery, Ayla, Mahi, Jailyn, Elayna, Sarah, Natalie, Katelyn, and Don as well as Miss Gina Staton, the Youth Services Program Leader.

In response to Lillian's question to Royal about a memorable use of his ham radio, Royal described his very important Public Service role during the 1955 floods on the Delaware River near Stroudsburg, PA..  He introduced us to the book Devastation on the Delaware written by Mary A. Shafer.  One of the Chapters in this book includes a description of the assistance provided by Royal Kramer and his ham radio friends from the Allentown area.  You can visit author Mary Shafer's web sites at and

Community Outreach 2

Littlestown Libray -- Adams County

The Littlestown Public Library (Adams County) has offered me a great opportunity to meet with their Summer Reading group Wednesday July 12, 2017.   We will be building Short Wave Radio Receivers.  Harry and Valli are important contributors to our success and I thank them.  I am absolutely thrilled to have another volunteer step forward with his offer of assistance.  Thank you to Ed LeTersky.

Field Day June 24 & 25, 2017

Field Day 2017 will take place at a different location than in prior years. Construction work taking place at the Shaffer Park Cabin put our traditional location in jeopardy.  This year we will be exercising our emergency preparedness procedures at the Monroe Township Fire Company in Churchtown.  I invite CARC members to join with me in planning our biggest event of the ham radio year.   The ARRL has posted its Field Day Packet for 2017.  I did not find any differences compared to 2016.  The Social Media and Safety Officer Bonus Points remain in force.   Our Education Activity has been planned.  If the weather is sunny, warm, and otherwise nice we will meet outdoors.  There, Steve Hancock will lead a class on the use of Antenna Analyzers.  If the weather is nice for ducks we will meet indoors and have some lessons involving the difference between Short Path and Long Path propagation.

Enjoyable Eating 1







Besides ham radio, our club has a principal focus on food and eating.   In these web pages I enjoy sharing pleasant ham radio experiences as well as pleasant eating experiences.  If you would like to share your own favorite venue please write the copy and send it to me --  I will post your story here.

Crumb's Cafe in Mount Holly Springs.  My wife and I enjoyed our Coffee and Baked Oatmeal.  She enjoyed a free donut on the occasion of our first visit to the cafe.  If you are driving toward Mount Holly Springs on Route 34 from Carlisle look for their banners on the roadside.  Turn onto Watts Street just before the train tracks and follow your nose.  Breakfast and Lunch during the week.  Breakfast on Saturday.  Sunday is a day of rest.

Enjoyable Eating 2

Mrs. Forsyth (XYL of AF3I) has taken a gustatory interest in the Miseno's II Restaurant in Carlisle.  What a nice menu they have, filled with variety.  And, we have been well-served during our two (make that FIVE) recent visits.  

Enjoyable Eating 3

Soon I may have a Restaurant Review to offer on behalf of the Boiling Springs Tavern.  I was pleasantly surprised by your generosity -- Thank you.  I have given my wife full authority to select the date and time for our visit.

Enjoyable Eating 4

My lovely wife reminds me that we like Momma Spriggs restaurant in Carlisle.  

Enjoyable Eating 5

Speaking of my lovely wife, she practically glows when I take her to Jigsy's Restaurant in Enola.  There is something about their Pierogi Pizza that just cannot be matched anywhere else.

Enjoyable Eating 6

Hands down winner in the category Great Value.  Starlight Diner in Hanover, PA.  When we need a pair of pants we go to Kleffel's and time our trip to coincide with dinnertime.  For our dinner we go to Starlight Diner across the street. Yum.

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