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We usually meet at the Hoss's Steak and Sea House Restaurant located at 61 Gettysburg Pike in Mechanicsburg, PA.   The Hoss 's Staff will take our food and beverage orders in the meeting room.  Simply say the magic words "Radio Club Meeting" to the Hoss's Host and you will be directed to our Meeting Room.

If you enjoy eating dinner and talking about ham radio before the meeting then arrive about 6 p.m.   If you would like to attend the business meeting then please arrive by 7:30 p.m.  Either way, we try to complete our agenda and head home before 9 p.m.

We begin most meetings with an activity that reminds me of Show and Tell, which you probably remember from your school days.  We select a topic that has some connection to our hobby and tell a brief story with that theme.

July 19, 2017   Wednesday

CARC Meeting

Status:  Successfully Completed

We had a Field Day Recap on the agenda.  Lots of exciting news including our Record Breaking score.  I distributed a Field Day 2018 Survival Tool to everyone present.  We talked about dropping Bobbe in a Dunk Tank and quickly abandoned that idea.  All those present received a Field Day 2017 Keepsake Memento.  I will mail copies to our members who infrequently travel.  Once again I leveraged the lessons I learn at my Granddaughter's Soccer Shot meetings.  Everyone in attendance the CARC Meeting gets a sticker.  

Frank Mellott KB3PQT was present and discussed plans for a group activity involving the Pennsylvania QSO Party and activating the rare Fulton County to our west.  Frank also has in mind an excursion to the Berryville Virginia Ham Fest early in August.  If you wish to carpool to Berryviille contact Frank soon.

August 6, 2017 Sunday

Berryville, Virginia Ham Fest.

Status:  Let me say -- A good time was had by all -- as my English teacher cringes..

Berryville is near Winchester. If you live near I-81 you probably will travel that route right into Winchester. If you live near Route 15 you might travel that route down to Frederick, Maryland and then cut across to the west via Charles Town, WV Arrive early for the country breakfast -- ham and eggs start as early as 7 a.m. Gates open at 6 a.m.  Buildings open at 8 a.m.   Stay longer for the lunch starting at 11 a.m..  Admission is $10.  Buy some radios.  Have Fun.  Consider carpooling.  Frank Mellott    For additional info Google Berryville Hamfest.  It will come up at the top of the search.

August 16, 2017  Wednesday
Special Monthly Meeting

Status:  Successfully Completed

We had a Special Guest Presentation tonight.  You know it was a big event when I tell you that I had Audio-Visual equipment to support our Guest Speaker and his presentation.

It is time to begin dropping some hints.  The presentation involves Earth's Moon.    Another hint -- the presentation involves bouncing ham radio signals off the moon and receiving them back on Earth.

Mr. John H. Jaminet, W3HMS will present a program all about Earth-Moon-Earth communications, which some people call Moon Bounce.   I find that to be a facinating topic and I hope that you will be able to attend.

We will have a very abbreviated or perhaps no Club Business Meeting this night so that our Guest Speaker can have plenty of time for presentation and questions.    If I do have time I plan to talk about our Field Day 2017 Results and Customer Satisfaction Survey.

September 20, 2017 Wednesday

CARC Monthly Meeting

Status:  Coming Soon.

The third Wednesday of September at Hoss's.  Dinner (Dutch Treat) at 6 p.m.  Meeting at 7:30 p.m.  

Topics:  Discussion of the PA QSO Saturday In The Park event that Frank Mellott is organizing.   Follow-up from the Field-Day Customer Satisfaction Survey.  Planning for Club Officer Elections.

October 14, 2017  Saturday and continues on Sunday the 15th.

Pennsylvania QSO Party

Listen to the Coach.  Play in all the games.  Have Fun.  Those are the guiding principles I learned from Coach Macy at Soccer Shots.  I have started to apply the same principles to Ham Radio.  Work from home if you wish.  Become a Rover or Portable if that is more to your liking.   If my name was Yoda I might say:  Fun you will have.  Use Google.  Search for PA QSO PARTY.  Did I say Have Fun ?

October 14, 2017.  Just Saturday

Saturday In The Park

Frank Mellott KB3PQT recently got onto the PA Turnpike and drove about 65 miles to the west of Carlisle.  To my amazement, he did not fall off the edge of the earth.  Behold -- there is terra firma beyond the horizon.

Frank has some big plans for a daylight Club Activity.  If hot dogs, ketchup, mustard, and relish are involved then you know it is going to be extra special.  Connect with Frank to get all the details.  Or, come to our Radio Club Meeting.

P.S.  If you received the Meeting Agenda with photos and directions to the site please note that Frank recommends a better and shorter route than I described.  Frank suggests using the Fort Littleton exit from the PA Turnpike.

October 21, 2017  Saturday

Farmer's Fair Parade

Status:  Volunteers -- Step Forward.

Harry K3EYL has all the details.  I will get him on the meeting agenda soon.

Keep your calendar clear for this Community Service and Team Building Event.  I would like 8 people to step forward and offer their assistance.

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