Our People

At last count, well over 800 years of ham radio experience exists within the Cumberland Amateur Radio Club. These are some of the people who help make our club what it is today. 
New names are being added all the time.  Can we put your name here?


Andy Forsyth, AF3I           Contact me at:   AF3I@Radioclub-CARC.com

Vice President

Frank Mellott, KB3PQT      Contact me at:  KB3PQT@gmail.com


Ed LeTersky, KB3RKM


Garry Fasick, K3EYK

Club Station K3IEC Trustee

Dave Smith, W3SOX


Bobbe Rothermel, WA3BKK

Radio Innovation Czar

Steve Hancock, N3FWE


Sherry Morgan, N3TMT


Bobbe Rothermel, WA3BKK demonstrates his versatility by fulfilling two (make that THREE) important roles in our Club.  See Club Historian (above) and Membership Secretary (below).

Membership Secretary

Bobbe Rothermel, WA3BKK is just about as busy as any person could be.  We have off-loaded some of the duties previously performed by the Treasurer and created this new Service Position.

Enthusiastic Supporter of our Ham Radio Club

I would like to put your name here.  May I have the pleasure?

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